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Geled Candy

the gelified candy became a classic in the world of sweets. It is often the candy that you taste when you are a child. You have never eaten yours sweets in gelatin on the way to school or on the house? Have you ever stopped at the bakery on the way to buy it?

You smile nothing but by reading these lines, reminding you of the pleasure you had by creating your sachet de gourmandises!

According to your desires, you were taking it an assortment or the same, because you loved him too much. Miam, the delight of flavors. The geled candy is the fridge the world's most sold. They are expensive and offer an incredible variety. Crocos, eggs on the dish, schtroumpfs are ultra-known, but Haribo is not the only manufacturer in this matter. Lutti or Hitschler are also very gifted to make us spit with their candy incredibly good.

Gelified candy, the world's best-selling confectionery

These confections can be soft as spicy, all pleasures are allowed! They are also very appreciated during the halloween parties by the little loulous who come to knock at your gates.

Mandy's candy offer you so many tastes or forms, that you will no longer know how to choose. Let yourself be tempted by our gelified candy who will stay as much in your mouth as in your head.

Visit our special gelatin ray, and you will find your sweet happiness for sure. Make your choice!

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