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Pounded Candy

Which of you are so greedy, that they love too much to have two textures or two flavorseven more in one candy? Demonstrate yourself in love with pounded candy!

You have a wide choice of toasted confectionery in our canbone. They only wait for you! There really arefor all tastes and ages. Gelified candy, chewing pasta, confectionery foraines, and really more.

To discover them, walk through our special world candy forged. Be careful not to shave too much in your mouth anyway.

Bonbons, the confectionery of gourmets

At the same time, it is tempting to have several flavors which intertwine under our palace. And also, one color mix all sparkling that make your eyes shine grandchildren.

For the most gourmets, the tasting takes place in several times to enjoy each taste and each texture. Each one his way savour or even to devour the raw sweets. They are so delicious that it is difficult to resist.

The big brands compete for you offer the best greedy version. So why are you going to melt? What's the hottest candy that's gonna make you savory? Go discover everything we offer you, and good luck to choose!

Mandy's candy pound their nose everywhere to find you the most delicious and delicious baked candy. A selection specially made for you, the in love with confectionery coated and kilted flavours to fall on the ground.

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