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Childhood Memories

Want to lie back in your childhood memories? To find them sweet pleasures that you were still a bambin? Why not make them discover your little family, while explaining the good times.

Mandy's candy propose a large assortment of candy of years 70/80/90/2000. You'll even find a few delicacies of the 50s or 60s. What to pass tasty moments remembering memories and memories past flavours.

Between iconic Pierrot sucettes, powder saucers, gold bears, chupa chups or the Malabar. You can brighten your days and your evenings sharing these antique candy with your entourage.

The time of your tasting, you can evoke memories can be forgotten or then you remember funny anecdotes associated with these moments. A unique joy!

The candy of your youth, the pleasures of the past found

You're gonna want to eat them all, they're all appetizers, delicious or playful. You can make the choice to make your own matching to be able to regain the maximum sensations. Your candy will explode with sweet pleasures.

Are you ready to discover and rediscover all the delicacies we offer? Our exceptional and diversified range will allow you to have a second youth in a clap of teeth. Unbelievable isn’t it?

The great ones will be resentful of children, and the little ones will learn to know what their parents or grandparents have had the chance to enjoy in their childhood. You're gonna pass sweet and funny moments. Don't be nostalgic anymore, we're at your side for you share your best moments.

You will find all the details of these confections in categories associated with years.

You’re going to be a savor only by looking at everything that the Mandy candy make available to you for your greatest happiness.

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Malabar Menthe

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Blue golf ball

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Tubble gum mangue

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