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the sweet pleasures do not stop to candy, what do you think? Mandy's candy offer you also drinks with multiple flavours.

You know what the sodas, flavoured drinks or fruit juice. And then you'll probably have one small thirst after having taste our fabulous candy. So make your choice among the drinks we have in our candy store.

Our range of drinks is diversified, you can choose the ones you know and you already love. Or try new experiences with refreshments to unknown tastes.

Combine your thirst with diversified and delicious drinks

Mandy's candy always at heart to make you discover different tastes and products from elsewhere. The Coca-Cola Japanese do you know? It is the faithful Coca we know in a white bottle, with inside a curative drink. Yes, yes, she is good for health. Unbelievable no?

Just as you probably already enjoyed a good one Fanta, well we share you Fanta of the world: Japan or Mexico for example! Fantastic, no? If you're more attracted to them fruit drinks, Mogu Mogu you're gonna be crazy, a multitude of flavors all as wonderful as each other. You will also have a choice with sparkling drinks succulent or Pepsi. Finally an infinite choice just for you.

We even offer you powder drinks to do yourself. Their flavors are amazing.

You will be tempted by all these drinks that give water to your mouth. Your children will certainly love them. Let yourself be tempted by our refreshments.

Mandy's candy trinquent with you by offering you delicious drinks who will vibrating your taste buds.

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