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P!K Candy

The famous candy that sting in your mouth, making you grimace. Acidulated candy they're stars. You find them in all shapes, colors and there is for all tastes! From gelded candy powder passing by the sucettes or chewing pasta, you have what it takes to fill your taste buds. They have been very successful and have been very fashionable since the 2000s.

Moreover, the pik candy are among the best candy sales in the youngest. The little ones love to taste these confections!

Pik candy, deliciously acidulated confectionery

Remember noisy heads? Challenges have been launched for their tasting, we've seen some sacred challenges grimaces rigolotes. Well, of course, you don't have to abuse it either, but stillare candy pik are excellent. To make the little ones taste like the big ones.

So are you passionate about strong sensations in your mouth? Are you going to dare taste flavours unknown to your taste buds? Or, do you want to get back to the sensations that you had kids eating those candy stinging?

Mandy's candy offer you so many choices, that you will not even know which to choose. What's your curiosity? Don’t hesitate.

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