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Liquorice Candy

You know what it is liquorice? It is a perennial plant, yes a plant, unbelievable? To produce the confectionery known from all over the world the aromatic extract. It is located in the root of the liquorice plant. That’s where it comes from its special taste, between softness and bitterness.

Candy with liquorice are very appreciated by fans old candy. Indeed, these treats were already present in the 60/70. They made the happiness of the children of that time. Still today, many people are thrilling with this traditional candy. Its flavors are authentic, and strongly remind them antique candy.

Liquorice is often associated with comfort, at a time of unparalleled well-being.

Candy liquorice, confectionery of your childhood

Haribo is a great specialist of all kinds of liquorice candy. The giant confectionery sells classics as rollers or small dragged. You also find the liquorice mixed with the mint or to theanis. Very special tastes that are not found anywhere else.

For all the mordus liquorice candy Mandy candy offer you a wonderful panel of these traditional. Find them flavors of your childhood through delicious confectionery liquorice.

Are you going to be afraid of these little pleasures of the past?

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Haribo Zan Menthe

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