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Wholesale Candy

If you want to do your job stock of candy, it is possible with the big candy. For big treats or simply for have all the time in hand.

Wholesale candy is available in several forms: doypack candy in box bulk candy and candy in bags. Doypacks are usable for life, candy are located format 1 kg very often. As for candy in bags weights vary, there is no rule. To finish bulk candy are proposed compose your favorite assortments.

You can choose how you can supplying sweets, depending on your desires and storage methods as well.

Wholesale candy, from stock for gourmets

Wholesale candy always make it possible to have delicacies available for the small clothes in the afternoon or evening. One taste with friends on the ground? You have what you need for satisfy all this little world.


We offer candy wholesale so that everyone can find their preferences. You can love that some kind of confectionery and take a box of one kilo, or make your bulk assortment. We offer broad choice so that all gourmets be satisfied.

Choose your preferences and you will have everything you need to be conquered. Meet us in our specific entries and make your choice.

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