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Candy Spray

The sprayvaporizer» in french, in 1990sthe kids were crazy! A feeling sweet and acidulated that stays in the mouth and on the tongue. One liquid candy who upset the world of confectionery.

At the time, this new confectionery revolutionized the world of the sweet gourmet.

the sprays are as intriguing as tasty. You just have to press the pusher and spray in your mouth. A gustative delight.

the Candy sprays have wrestled, and most of all have plunged the mouth not to finish! A fun and delirious moment to share and make discover to those who don't know.

Candy spray, liquid and playful confectionery

Whatever taste, acidity take the top spraying to do toss all your taste buds. It is then the sweet taste that will stay on your tongue. A candy for two sensations!

A pschhiittt that changes the spray for the throat, right? It's for all tastes, green apple, raspberry, strawberry or watermelon, the sprays will make you see all the colors!

So who will love the acidified and sweet flavor of these atypical candies in liquid format? Mandy's candy wish you a good tasting.

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