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Since Mandy's candy offer confectionery at the unit, we also have packagings to make your little ones customized packages?

Des bags pockets the themes of your sweets as cones confectionery bags or the gourmet bags retro. If you want to pack your treats, the bags are the customized solution ideal.

You can gifts sweet, or just fill your bags for one birthday tasting. Each guest will be able to leave with his package of confectionery to taste them at home.

With our packaging, your bags are completely customised

In addition, with these packagings, you’ll feel like you’re at party foraine. You know, like when you take churros and eat them while keeping their packaging. This is the feeling you will have savouring your sweets in their small bags.

So, meet in our house special to make your choice. To know that our packagings are in paperfor the preservation of nature. They are recycl 100%. Another way for us to participate in the protection of the planet.

Mandy's candy think about everything by offering you packagings for moments of successful parties.

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