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European Candy

European candy approaching our French confectionerybut not that... Specialties from neighbouring countries as Italy, Germany or Spain. But also more distant countries, one discovery of the sweets of our neighbours in a few clicks.

Mandy's candy love to make you travel the sweet flavors of the world. What would be the discovery of the world without passing through Europe? Especially when you know what delicacies we are talking about, no doubt that you know them and not twice as much as one.

In particular, the great manufacturers we know are in Europe. Did you know that Germany sheltered the mother house Haribo? Or maybe Ferrero came from Italy at the beginning? If you are told Kinder? The brand was launched in Germany in 1967 and Italy in 1968.

European candy, Europe with sweet flavors

Many of the great brands we love are in Europe. So much to enjoy this know-how at our gates, right?

It's for you. Candy or chocolates, Europe is very gifted to create irresistible products.

European candy are present in each of our houses, and we love their coming from elsewhere. A European manufacture is reassuring for many.

So, what kind of adoring brand of all are you gonna crack? Discover our special ray European candy and fill in delicious sweets.

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Dada Fraise

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