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To Good To Go

The heading "Antigaspi"has an important impact for you and us. Indeed, Combating food waste is particularly important to us.

For information, candy has a limit date of consumption, such as all consumables. However, once that date has passed, they are still excellent to taste. Sugar does not perish, candy is made of sugar, so the conclusion is simple. We take no risk with the health of our little gourmets.

We know that some people prefer not to eat after the deadline. Just as we also know, other people are very happy to see them taste them again.

That’s why we committed ourselves to antigaspi. This very controlled action of course, and we are very rigorous to meet all standards.

Opt for antigaspi, good action and sweet prices

Choose to select "antigaspi" confectionery is one solidarity. One. small positive step for our planet on the one hand, and also on food waste. This represents tons per year.

Besides doing one solidarity, you have the pleasure to see dementia prices. A win-win combo that allows you to enjoy your favorite sweets without spending too much.

On the other hand, visit regularly in our special section, it’s a wise advice. Great gourmets jump on the good opportunities for antigaspi. If you want to have the King's choice, then often walk around here.

Mandy's candy love to please you but also fight against waste. Our candy in antigaspi are just as delicious. Make happy by doing good to the planet.

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