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Do you know the cheetos appetizer cookies ? They look a bit like Curly, maybe that speaks better to you?

In any case, cheetos are offered to you with diversified flavorsThese cookies are all equally delicious, depending on your your tastes and preferencesyou will find the ones you like.

Cheetos are made of cheese, but but also mixed with other incredible tastesYour appetizers will be successful and all your your guests will salivate with pleasure.

The Cheetos, for greedy aperitifs

So that you can find your happiness, we propose you several irresistible flavors like rizos cheese, foot cheddar, Japanese cheese, cheetos scissors cheese, crunchy jalapeno cheddar or even pizza.

The cheetos scissors cheese will animate your eveningsyou can play chifoumiwho will win the game? For the most adventurousthe crunchy jalapeno cheddar are with chili pepperthey make your eyes your eyes sparkle.

The great gourmands of the hearty aperitifs will love enjoy the cheetosThey are crunchy under the tooth, they are meltinga real treat for the taste buds.

Mandy's sweets you to discover the best flavors of the Cheetos aperitif cookies. You will spend pleasant moments in company of your family or your friends

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