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What is the indispensable provision for a aperitif? One. barbecue or picnic successful? Chips Sure!

We must admit it, Good chips put everyone in agreement at a friendly moment, and even more in the summer. Between picnics, barbecues and family and friends, these are good opportunities to get out pack of chips.

We find them. all Forms, to flavors also delicious One of them. All chip brands offer a diversified variety and succulent. That's how to fill everyone's taste buds.

The Chips, for gourmet and savoury moments

Legend says it was in 1853 that the first chips were discovered by chance. In America, he was a cook who would have made chips because a client found his fries too thick. A coincidence that made this met super famous and appreciated by billions of people, from the 1920s.

Folly story, right? Today the original chips have been declined in so many kinds, barbecue, ketchup, chicken, goat, emmental, mustard, vinegar and so many other flavours.

We find the marks as Lay’s, Brets, Vico, Walkers And more. All offer delicious and gourmet chips.

Mandy's candy take care of your sweet pleasures, but also of your salty pleasures. We couldn't miss the famous chips, known all over the world.

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