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Our range of products gum offers you delicious tastes that will delight your taste buds. These treats are made of gum, food fragrances or aromas. They are also called "gum to chew". And you know what? They've existed for a long time already!

Chewing gumwere brought by the American after the second world war. They became one of the most purchased confectionery in France. The masticage of these gums are anti-stresses, substitutes, pastimes, or sometimes at the same time.

Chewing gum, sweet pleasures to chew

Since their appearance tastes and flavors have multiplied, just like shapes!

What do you prefer? Tubes, balls, tablets, rollers or powders? You're pretty classic strawberry, cola or mint ? Or you're more bi-taste? In fact, gums can also be games: the faithful and undetectable malabar, to make bubbles ! Who's the biggest? From what to become a child and to forget for a few moments the worries of everyday life. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to having fun.

Choose the shape you like, and the taste you prefer, then enjoy with your chewing gumsby . the

Mandy's candy offer you classics, fun, big, sparkling, and they are all as delicious. The bubble gum is the confectionery that everyone has in your bag.


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Malabar Cola

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Malabar Menthe

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