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Candy in Box

If you want to have tidy candy and well preservedCandy in a box are the ones you need.

Some confectioners offer boxes of boxes of candy up to a kilo. The gourmands will love this mega XXL format. Whether you have a big sweet tooth or to make your your supplies to make sure you never run out, they're perfect for you.

You've already got the round boxes or the big square boxes with lots of candy inside. You can find them in assortment of several candies or one kind of sweets.

Candies in boxes, XXL formats for XXL pleasures

What comes to your mind first must be the haribo boxes. You can find them for so many candies, impossible to miss.

From candy in a boxfor an xXL format and small pricesif this is not the dream, it looks like it, right? In addition, you can reuse your boxes then for other preservations. They can even be used for your toddlers' pencils

Choose your favorite candies in their storage box and dip your hand into it from the comfort of your sofa. You can already see yourself munching away, can you?

Mandy's Candy offers you candy in a box for larger larger sizes and good conservation. The practicality mixed with greedinesswe like to make your life to make your life easier

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