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Candy in Bags

What is the format we see most often? The candy in a bagof course! This is the the packaging that we find in the stores most often.

You choose your ideal format according to your desires 100 gr, 200 gretc. Take the capacity that suits you, small size for small delicacy. Then the formats to share with friends or family.

Several small bags for a large candy boxyou can mix mix the flavors by mixing your candies all together. A little craving? All you have to do is pick!

Mix and match candy in a bag

Why limit yourself to a single sweetif you can take several small bags of various sweets. After all, gluttony can be limited, but it can also turn into a discovery of a lot of bags of sweets.

Fall for the delicious candy bagsyou have a wide range of choicesin which you will inevitably find your sweet happiness.

The Candies of Mandy propose you all the flavors, all sizes, all formats. You will surely find the bag or bags of your favorite sweets.

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Kool Aid Ananas

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