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Candy Years 90

The 1990s have not been marked only by the victory of the blues in world cup or the macarena! In terms of sweets, there is a lot of nice surprises too!

Memories.. The famous rolled gum, sucettes or Malabars? You liked to share them with your friends on the outskirts of the school. Not to mention burnt heads, this taste hyper acid, butso addictive! Who got the best grimace palm?

And magic balls who change color and taste in the mouth? A pure delight?

Has your language ever changed color with the sucettes that color the language ?

The 1990s, greedy memories

There are so many sweets that it is difficult to name them all and even more to make a ranking of the best. And then, why make a ranking finally, the treats are all as delicious as each other. So much to taste them, right?

So you're one children of the 1990s ? Do you want to find the flavours of your childhood? So you'll find your happiness in our special 90s radius!

Hard to make a choice? Take your time, close your eyes and imagine your favorite treats in your mouth. The memory of these childish tastes will help you choose.

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Kool Aid Ananas

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