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Candy Years 2000

The 2000s have been marked by new flavours, new tastes and new tastes playful and funny forms.

The greatest brands of candy from all over the world were brought together by the Mandy Candy.

All great classics are here as Haribo, Chupa Chups Lutti, Fizzy and many others. There are also candy 2 in 1, you taste and inside, you have a toy or other flavor. Surprise surprises, you'll be totally conquered.

The 2000s isalso the appearance of pik candy ! They made the happiness of the children, as hot as delicious.

The 2000s, confectionery with multiple textures and shapes

One lots of pleasures to share family or friends. That you are one child in 2000 or a child of today, the sweets we offer will brighten your taste buds. Small and large will taste sweet pleasures yesterday and today through our exceptional range of candy of the 2000s.

You don't know what to choose? Is there too many varieties? Too many appetizing tastes and playful forms? Do your matching to taste all the treats that our shop offers.

The more years pass and the more packagings are colored, more flavors are diversified. The brands have always invented new products for the greatest happiness of gourmets.

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