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Candy Years 70

You want to to find the confectionery that was your childhood? The ones you took at the baker or the local grocery store? The ones that put your hand at village and foraine parties?

Are you nostalgic and want to find the flavours of the past? This is where everything is happening! The range of special candy year 70 you're gonna be spitting.

We have selected for you the best period candy : Pierrot or artisanal sucettes, roudoudous, Coco Boer powder, anise candy, Vichy watermelons, etc.

The '70s, Antan's candy from your childhood

Sold individually, assortment, bag or box, you will find the happiness of your most beautiful years. Your taste buds will remember tastes of your childhood. A moment of childish pleasure that will bring back your best memories.

Know that the candy of the '70s are classics in the world of confectionery. Many are still present and still much loved by all generations. Some are reputed and known to all as Arlequins, malabars or the carambars. For others, they are more rare, and here you will be able to taste them again.

Why don't you let us know the confectionery unknown to your children or grandchildren? Or you children, please your parents or grandparents, offering them best vintage candy ?

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