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Wedding Candy

Marriage, you think dredged? Indeed, the dredged are the treats often associated with the married. But not just! So muchmatching are possible now. You can create a real delight of enchanted flavors.

Make your candy, or choose from our special wedding selection. Prefer originality to traditions or mix the traditional and original side.

Is this your wedding? Spread your guests by creating sweet mixtures who will stay in the memories. You're invited to a wedding and you want to score? Give the grooms a selection of confectionery.

Wedding candy, special treats for a special day

One. marriage with lots of sweets, it's a successful party at every blow. Married or invited will be pleased by discovering delicacies they invited, too. A shared pleasure around a remarkable day full of smiles.

To be enjoyed on site and take away in souvenirs, you choose what you like. After a good feast, small sweets will be welcome to finish the meal in beauty.

And why not crack on it chocolatesand others delicious treats? Mandy's candy have thought of everyone by proposing various tastes, shapes and sweets.

Whether you're offering or wanting to please you, it'll be a sweet wedding full of surprises and wonders to discover.

Visit our special space Marriage and find confectionery and sweets to your mouth.

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Malabar Cola

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Carambar Cola

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