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Christmas Candy

Christmas magic, Father Christmas, the family, laughter, the wonder of children, it’s a Popular tradition and loved by all. Ever since, chocolates, barley sugars or fruit pasta accompany us every year.

Christmas without treats and chocolates, it's like Santa without beard, it doesn't exist! That would be our year-end meal without all these treats On the table?

Many grandparents love to delight their grandchildren by bringing them of sweets en waiting for Santa’s arrival. A very good tactic to keep your loulous waiting for that.

Christmas candy, sweet fairy is invited under your tree

Mandy's candy turn into magicians to offer you all special sweets Christmas parties. For gourmets, make them small or large!

Come on. chocolate coins, meringues, papillotes or candy with various tastes... Everyone finds his happiness at Christmas parties.

In addition, if you lack inspiration, you can also offer them. We have selected small sweet ideas for the happiness of your loved ones. A pretty box that hides delicious treats, who doesn’t like this kind of gift?

A pleasant and convivial moment mixed to confectionery and chocolateA marvel! Christmas is: the movies, the fireplace, the plaid on the couch and ... the chocolates. Spoken in your couch, hand in the candy, confess, you save nothing but thinking about these moments of warmth and softness.

Choose from our soft assortments that will delight your taste buds and hearts.

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Snowmen Haribo

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Haribo Hey Kakao

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