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Noel chocolate

Caramel and chocolate are popular flavors all over the world! These two tastes offer many derivatives that are equally succulent.

Caramel, so good, and yet so simple to do! The confectionery which only requires cook sugar.

Of course manufacturers do not stop there, many caramel candy have been derived to make them irresistible sweets. You all know him. traditional Carambar caramel No?

We'll find some of them. hard caramel candy, but also caramel. So small and large can enjoy these authentic treats.

Christmas chocolates, the best treats of the holiday season

And then Chocolate... A great story of love, whether it’s simple or used in other recipes, it’s always a Tasty tasting. This confectionery requires more transformation than caramel. The delicious chocolate is made from cocoa beans. It is fermented, roasted and then crushed, it is only after this process that one obtains the cocoa powder.

May it be in the form of tablets, tablets candy, chocolate bars or in various figures, we love it!

It is a festive taste, we find it to Easter and Christmas. He accompanies us very often, and it is a gift that is easily brought during an invitation. Who does not appreciate a good chocolate box? Even better, one chocolate box with caramel? Miam miam!

Mandy's candy marvel at your taste buds with caramels, chocolates and its caramel /chocolat treats ! You’re going to crack for sure!

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