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Special Treats

Want to treat yourself without feeling guilty? The special treats will satisfy gourmets from all over the world. Whether you are gluten intolerant, vegetarian or even on a special diet, you will find what you are looking for. People who do not eat pork gelatin will also be able to enjoy sweets according to their desires.

Special sweets include candies for everyone. Mandy's candy cares about all the little and big gourmets. Everyone has the right to a sweet moment

You will find a range of Halal candies, a sugar-free range, gluten-free candies, vegan candies, and also fat-free candies. So, happy to know that you can have everything you want, no matter your beliefs, intolerances or diet

Special treats, treats for all gourmands

We have at heart to make discover and share the sweet flavors of the whole world. But above all, we want all our gourmands to enjoy them. That's why we have in our huge candy box, sweets for all of you.

Our special treats have been classified by category so that you can easily find what you want.

At the next party with friends, or your next family time, you can take out your whole assortment of special candies. You'll be able to satisfy the taste buds of everyone around you.

Mandy's candy share with you all the best the best special treats. You are bound to find your happiness, don't wait any longer, treat yourself.

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Shooter Cola Fini

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Dada Fraise

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