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Powder or granular

the powdered candy, one incredible sugar, you remember the feeling when you taste this famous powder? Candy in sweet powder are delicious acidulated they are sparkling with happiness. In years 80/90, these confectionery had success.

Remember saucers azymes? You know, the ones you let melt under the tongue, and that gave chills to the discovery of acidulated powder. There is also the straws, the tubes or even bottles filled with delicious powder.

Powdered candy seduce all generations and have a great success during birthdays.

Candy with unique textures

You're sensitive to powdered confectionery and their taste ? Then you'll find the ones that will captivate your little childish heart.

As for granules small candy often red, green, white or blue! Sucer confectionery that melt in the mouth. A moment of softness, accompanied by a unique taste. In small or large bags, they enjoy adults and children, they are easy to eat. Des goods to share during your family meals or in front of a film.

So you're pretty granulated or rather powdered? Or both? Mandy candy offers a wide choice, so that everyone can find its sweet and acidified happiness.

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Frizzy Pazzy Cola

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