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Vegan Candy

You have convictions that you hold dear, you like sweets but you can't find candy in your mouth ? Magic, vegan candies will solve everything !

Vegan sweets are manufactured in the respect of the criteria of veganism. None of them include animal gelatin nor any substance coming from animals (honey or lactose for example)

But then how can the texture be gelatinous like other candies? It is produced by thestarch or vegetable oil instead of animal gelatin. The great classics of confectionery are present for you: the pez candiessweets, the Dragibuscandies, the Malabarsand the Hariboetc

Vegan sweets, moments of pure pleasure

The great confectioners have adapted to people's convictions so that they can also enjoy sweets. And those in the respect of the veganism

Visit our special veggie candy sectionyou have a wide choice, and you will take full of taste buds.

The vegan sweets are very appreciated and are more and more present in candy boxes of sweet treats

Mandy's Sweets think of everyone and offer an assortment of veggie candies that are totally irresistible. Let yourself be tempted, you will really be conquered by these tasty and delicate sweets

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