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Nougat & Fudge

Did you know? Nougat is one of the French favourite treats. At the same time, it has been known since 60 years, to say that it was tasted by billions of people.

There is classical nougat in cube, butit has been declined in so many treats, gustative pleasures no longer finish! Between pure nougat, nougat flavoured, chocolate nougat, the bars, the papillotesa hard choice to make!

If you want to please your parents or grandparents, offer them nougat! It is really loved by the old generations, they grew up with it. Moreover, the nougat is considered a vintage confectionery. We'll find him at the same time party foraine next to daddy beards or love apples.

Nougat ' Fudge, authentic delights

You can choose it hard or soft according to your preferences, anyway, there are for all tastes.

Mandy's candy offer you authentic flavor of the nougat like its derivatives. What to please the whole family, a gourmet to offer, to taste and to share.

We couldn’t have missed the nougat knowing that it’s a specialty from Montélimar. How many people stop on the holiday road to bring back the famous nougat from there!

Enjoy, and discover all our nougat treats that will melt you with pleasure.

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