Halloween: between horror night and gluttony

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When we sayHalloween, we thinkdisguises,door to doorandcandy. We also all know that it is31 octoberof course. But, you knowthe origins of this party? In a few minutes, you will know everything you need to know. We’re taking stock of itHalloween storyandthe meaning. Then how is she goingin Americaandin Francesure. Well, we'll see themthree main symbolsthat day or rather evening muhhhhhhhh. You're ready to enterthe worldorange and blackof thedisguisedof the year?

Here we go!


What are the origins of Halloween?

At the beginning,Halloween is one Celtic Festival from Ireland. This is the question of New Celtic Year more exactly. About 3,000 years ago, the end ofcalendar year Celte ended the 31 october. That night was the God of death:Samhain.

Legend says it’s that night that ghosts visited the living. So, to run away spirits,The Celtsinvented rituals. Including the one to dress with costumes scaryso ghosts don't come to haunt them. In addition, they met to do the workparty on the evening of october 31. At the time,the Irish creused Betteraves and Navets for create lanterns.

As a result, the Irish took with them tradition during theirimmigration to the United States. This is how, over time, the American also appropriate the party.

What is Halloween?

AuntIX century christianity makes his entry into the world. Thus, the catholic sput in placeToussaint party"festival of all saints". This is November 1. Everyone knows this holiday.

Halloween meaning a report to thatfeast of all the holys. Let us decompose the word "All Hallows Eve"the evening of all saints.". So that meanseve of the Toussaint. Therefore, the 31 october.

From a tradition in one country, we pass to oneworld famous party. Unbelievable no?

But what happens to Halloween?

How do the Americans celebrate Halloween?

Over the years American modified the Origin of Halloween. The turnips and beets were replaced by the pumpkins. Indeed, you probably know "Jack’O’Lantern»? This is the name that the children give their pumpkins decorated. Moreover, this nickname comes from airish myth.

However, pumpkins no longer serve lanterns. She's too heavy and too hard. Thus, the vegetable only serves as a decoration and ingredient for the famous pumpkin pie.

Halloween has become avery big party in the USA, the Americans love it. Now it’s a mixture betweenthe Irish tradition and the feast of the dead known to Mexique. In this country ofLatin Americadeath is a feast in itself. Over there,everyone dresses in skeleton and spanking. Moreover, the cartoon Coco represents perfectly this unique day for Mexicans.

ToUSA, Halloween is not just October 31, it’s apreparation for a month! For them, it is a feast as important as Christmas, at home. Fromearly octoberhouses are decorated in Halloween colours.Families reflect oncostumesthat they will wear on the evening of 31. There aredisguisesmore than others:witchesandghostsfor example. For them, it is areal competition of fear and horror. The Americans also like to be inventive to be the best suit.

On the evening of October 31, children dodoor to door for harvest candy and candy. Indeed, you know the famous phrase that says "a candy or a spell(a bad turn)". In English:Trick or treat!". In general, they go home with them bag of well-filled treats.

How do the French celebrate Halloween?

La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Lafrench culturenever really accepted theamerican tradition. Yet, brands do what they can forconvert population. But fashion doesn't take. Thus, the door-to-door works in some towns or villages, but not everywhere.

Despite everythingchildren and young adultsincreasingly want to celebrate in american. They want to celebrate this evening that puts chills on their backs.

Even ifthe harvest of candyhas not at all the same fury as in the USA, other ways ofCelebrate Halloweenget in place. Families organizethe tasters of horrorortheme nightstoo. Between friends and family, the French commemorate the dead in their own way. October 31 begins to become important to some of us. At the same time, we never miss the opportunity to party, right?

Moreover, even schools organizedays disguisesfor children, withcandythe key too. What to delight the bambins who, in general, love to disguise and be frightened.

What are the symbols associated with Halloween?

The pumpkin

At first, it was the turnover, which wasHalloween symbol. Then,The Americanschanged itpumpkin. This vegetable grows in October and it is super easy to sculpt. Moreover, it was the pumpkin that initiated theorange colorin thetraditional party.

The costumes

Fromfaithful celtic traditiondisguisesareHalloween symbols. The costumes were used to run away from ghosts at first. I had tomost terrifying disguiseto pass them, the envy to comehaunting Celts. Then, with theamericanization of traditionwitches and ghostsmade their appearance. Mexicothe skeletons. Now, just have onecreative costumeandscaryto fill the fervents of theHalloween party.

You have a choice betweenmakeupworthy of ahorror filmor an entire habit withmonstrous mask. It's for all tastes!


the children of America can not Halloween without candy! The door to dooris one true tradition home. The inhabitants are full of treats that they will give to the courageous loulous who will knock at the door.

In France, it is also candy who have the stern wind for october 31. Moreover, the European manufacturers have invented many playful sweets and scary for the occasion.Halloween without treatises It wouldn't be Halloween. Whatever you do on October 31,all gourmets like to buy the best confectionery. Then, the children are swept away,disguise and taste candy, they can only worship!

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So you knew them Origins of Halloween? As you can see,this feast has been for centuries already. Although it has been adapted to countries, traditions remain the same:disguises,decorationsandcandy. We hope you enjoyed knowing more about this famous October 31st. Feel free to share with usyour best costumes, or even your wayCelebrate Halloween. We're curious to see all this. Plus, if you have favorite confectioneryfor the occasion, share them too.

It is always a pleasure to exchange with you.

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