Lion Coconut


Exoticism with a bite! The delicious Lion Coconut presents a real classic in a new tropical look. In this limited edition, the delicious bar with a crispy waffle is filled with an aromatic coconut cream. Crunchy cereals and a portion of caramel ensure the irresistible taste. The bar is covered with a delicious white chocolate, which perfectly harmonizes with the coconut note.

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Lion Coconut

You must have alreadyrough of pleasure, but have you already done soexoticwithLion Coconut? If you haven't tasted it yet, then you have to quickly rectify it!

Lion Coconutoffersextraordinary flavours, especially forcoconut fans. This special edition contains the famouscrispy wafflethat we knowcaramel and ricethat crisses as much as the waffle. You find more exoticismcoconut. Everything iscoatedpar duwhite chocolateunctuous and succulent. You have here oneincredibly delicious. The bar always extends as much during your tasting. Oneincredible and irresistiblein which you can bite with passion.

This issnack snackis magical for papillaechildren like adults. Onetaste wonderfulwith exquisite flavours. It's a greedy that changes your habits and gives you a smile.

Lion Coconut, intensely greedy

Nestléknows how to meltgourmetsand it's still a winning bet withLion Coconut. Thiscombination of tastesyou're gonna whisper all your taste buds.Caramel, waffle, coconut and white chocolate, which can withstand all these ultra-gold flavours.

Sold individually, you can do yourmatchingaccording to your desires and the number of hungry who will want to believe in thisdelicious sugar.

You need a break?Lionyou're gonna have to passsweet breakthat's good. You want to changeand taste your children, Lion will be happy to accompany them too. In fact, all reasons are good fortaste Lion Coconut.

Mandy's candyroar pleasure by offeringLion Coconut. Spend delicious moments with thesesweets that crispy and melt at once.

Lion Coco - 1

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Product weight
VAT Rate
Lion Coco - 1
Kg price
Cereals containing gluten
Milk / milk based products
Peanuts / peanut-based products
Soja / soy products
Sold to the unit
Without gelatin
White chocolate

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Nutrition facts / 100 g
Energy 2103 Kj / 502 Kcal
Fat 24.40 g
   Saturates 14.40 g
Carbohydrate 63.60 g
   Sugars 49.20 g
0.80 g
Protein 6.50 g
Salt 0.57 g

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