Kinder Joy Ferrero x 3 Units


A unique taste! In box of 3 eggs A double cream dessert with milk and delicious cocoa accompanied by two small crunchy waffles, as well as fantastic Aléatories surprises to have fun.

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A dès fins écologiques si vous achetez plusieurs quantités de confiseries en vrac hors articles déjà conditionnés, nous les regroupons dans le même sachet.

Store in a dry place away from humidity and heat

For your health, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day and practice regular physical activity

Kinder Joy Ferrero x 3 Units

If you want to enjoy your children, choose Kinder Joy Ferrero x 3 units and they will be filled. The chocolate pleasure Kinder mixed with the joy of the hidden surprise inside, a moment of joy for the loulous.

Well, you have to say, even big kids can enjoy it! You find her cream famous chocolate Kinder combined with small waffles coated a delicious cocoa. The best Kinder flavors ! In addition, there is a great surprise to discover, to make the whole family crazy. You also have the small spoon for a tasty tasting.

The box contains 3 eggs, you can enjoy your children or enjoy them together. The Kinder Joy Ferrero is the greed at the same concept as the famous Kinder surprises. It's a little egg for the big ones!

Kinder Joy Ferrero x 3 units, to be enjoyed in the small spoon

Another fun part, a gourmet egg full of surprises. Crack for this smooth sugar who will make the happiness of the whole family. Besides, you can enjoy it all year, if it's not beautiful!

Who has already resisted temptation Kinder ? It's not an impossible mission, but almost. Kinder Joy don't escape the rule, it's irresistible. The format 3 units is tempting if we're in love with her unique taste.

Son chocolate is pure cocoa butter, as much to say as its sensations are incredibly delicious. If you've never tasted, or if your kids don't know, then it's time to, you're gonna try, right?

the Mandy candy joy the hearts of your whole little family with Kinder Joy Ferrero x 3 units. Enjoy this treat and be conquered from the first bite.

Kinder Joy - Boite

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Kinder Joy - Boite
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Cereals containing gluten
Milk / milk based products
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Without gelatin

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Nutrition facts / 100 g
Energy 2296 Kj / 550 Kcal
Fat 32 g
   Saturates 15.4 g
Carbohydrate 56.3 g
   Sugars 51 g
0 g
Protein 8.2 g
Salt 0.318 g

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