Our history, Our passion

Learn to know us, discover our team and trace the history of Mandy candy, our successful online store.

Welcome to the sweet world of Flo and Mandy, we are a fan of candy and passionate about our profession. We are thrilled to have you enter our "FabricatedMandy and confectionery".

It was in 2020 that we decided to open our online shop of Confiseries, whose head office was at the beginning, En Ile-de-France, a family establishment where you will find your happiness without doubt. We offer a wide variety of candy from all over the world, from the 1980s to today. A safe return to childhood! In addition, we are committed to participating in “anti-Gaspi”, both out of the restoration and services, and we know how waste is wreaking and we want to participate in the respect of the values of our world and the environment.

“Mandy candy” ensures you a quality service, confectionery that will make you travel around the world and times, our after-sales service is available to answer your questions, and we are very attentive to hygiene, order at home, will be a real pleasure for you. And we're not alone... our Fraizilou mascot will also be on the date. A warm, family and relaxed welcome are at the rendezvous in our shop. You can visit us with family, with friends, whether small or large, your pleasure will spread over your taste buds and you will have a smile on your lips.

We work with great brands of candy as Haribo, Chupa Chups, Ferrero and others to offer you the best sweet pleasures we have met. You know these great names of the world of gustative pleasure Our stock is important and so diverse, we have what to delight all visitors to our site. (Checks before we handle everything).

This is not all, with the heart of making your order unforgettable, we offer you personalized offers. A birthday? A theme party? or any other event, we offer our services to make your occasion special and individualized.

We adapt our themes during the important dates of the year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Day of the Year.. Everything is a good opportunity to have a sweet pleasure, be it candy, candy, candy or chocolate, your child’s soul will not be able to resist. You will offer your guests a unique sharing moment on all levels.. Deguing confectionery from all over the world through the eras is not a way to fall back into childhood for the great and to participate in the moments of children’s happiness? From 7 to 77 years old, even beyond, be on a sweet cloud, close your eyes and go to the conquest of the universe in a few bites.

In 2022 we change air, relocation of our activity in the Dordogne in the Périgord Vert and a total redesign of our website with opening on 03 October 2022.

Share our passion held us in heart today, we made it possible. Be sure that our services will meet your expectations, because our priority is that you are satisfied. We want your tasting to be a moment of happiness, that you find the sensations of your childhood for a moment.

We are also present on our Facebook page, where we organize Lives several times a month. During these appointments, we put on sale our confectionery, candy, sweets and chocolate. In fact, like TV Shopping, but on Facebook and above all, based on the sweet pleasures of the whole world

Do not hesitate, during your visit, to leave us a comment, to make us your private requests via our email. Feel free to bring us your suggestions and sensations during your tastings. It is thanks to your feedback that we will continue to evolve every day, to offer you an irreproachable and memorable service.

Our Alibaba cave world confectionery version has its head office at 190 Impasse de la fountain du pré 24600 Allemans.