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Hard Candy

Who knows not hard candy ? To be cheatedor suck, they're delicious. Mandy's candy offer you a wide choice: fruit or mint candy, traditional Berlingots, Arlequins, or watermelons.

Our grandparents love this kind of thing delicaciesthey even offered you some good heart, didn't they? These are old candy, they have spent several generations and are always very appreciated today.

If you like treats to savour slowly, then it’s the hard candy that will make you the desired effect. Indeed, you let them melt on the tongue, and you will enjoy their taste for a few minutes. What to satisfy your taste buds!

Les Bonbons Durs, the best Antan confectionery

Do you know why these sweets are individually packed? This is a question of gustative quality! They are protected from oxygen and thus keep all their flavors. A way preserve all their taste so that they gradually deliver their delight.

At the time, these confections were often presented on calibrations small food shops nearby stores or bakeries. the hard candy remind us of the memories of our ancients, and delight the palace of the new generations.

Between bright and intense colors as well as their gustative charm, this type of candy pleases all generations, to consume anywhere and any time!

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