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The range confectionery of Mandy's Candy is made for the players and the lovers of fairs. Why do you think this is? Simply because it gathers the fun and fairground sweets

A fun candy, a mix between a toy and a candy. Also called the candy gadgetit allows to combine the greed with the game. Mainly made for children, manufacturers never lack inspiration to invent new funny sweets

The first playful sweets were sold in the 1970sand even the old ones are just as popular today. Everyone knows the candy necklaces, the double gadget lollipopsor even whistle candies. We all still love them now, just like the chocolate pencils or the roudoudous made of shells to lick

Sweets, the delights of the fairground at home

Since the 2000swe find the funny Candy for example. They are very often found at birthday parties and it is a small original gift for the children too.

The fairground sweets, theyare also incredibly excellent. A festive taste coated with childhood memories

Between the lollipop twists and rounds, chocolates, candy bottles or other sweet and sparkling confectionery

The fairground has always attracted thousands of families and especially children with a sweet tooth in search of delicious sensations. Between two rides, it's a relaxing and enchanting moment that all kids of all ages love. And if they don't want them anymore, parents are happy to try them too

Discover this fun and tasty department, mandy's Candies like to remind you of the happy moments of your childhood.

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