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What are the events that resonates in you when you are spoken of sweets or delicacies ? For some people, it will beChristmas, for others Easter, or Halloween. Maybe all at a time.

Fill your candy for great occasions and festive moments. Mandy's candy offer them best special confections "events". Chocolates, candy scary, you'll have the choice of the king.

You're going filling the papillae your whole family with our special treats. Pass fun and pleasant moments with your entourage.

Delicious treats for special events

Depending on the event, the proposed confectionery will meet your expectations and you will love to have them in your hands and especially in your mouth.

Yours taste buds will thank you for getting so many incredible sensations. Your palace will be happy like children can be discovered their gifts under the tree. Your taste buds will be curious as at the time of egg hunt for Easter. Or again, your candy will be scary as well as costumes that you will put on for Halloween. Your heart is conquered, right?

If not yet, do not hesitate to discover our categories for each event. You can choose the ones that attract you the most and that will please as many.

The Mandy candy are at your side for the festive holidays and moments of the year. You're gonna be totally seduced by all these flavors, all the treats or even playful forms of Halloween confectionery. It’s gone, discover and let yourself be tempted!

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