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You want one optimal conversation of your candy and unlimited reuse Then? It is possible with the Doypack. Do you know? Maybe not the name, but you've seen it before.

The Doypack are flexible bags, hermetic and that you can “ zip” to the infinite. They are also sealed by the top of the package. This conservation format is widely used today for long-term conservation.

Their hermetic side allows a dry maintenance and therefore one optimal. But in addition, they guarantee a very good hygiene.

Doypack, unlimited reuse and ecological gesture

These bags are excellent for keep candy, but also tea, biscuits, aromatic herbs, etc. Once yours doypack emptied by the tasting your confections, you can use it again and again.

In addition to being ultra-practice, the doypack allow preserve our planet limiting packaging. These bags have unlimited lives, you will be able to keep everything you want.

This method is very well known today, they are increasingly used for many products. The fact that they are Sealed and that they are « zipables » to the infinite allow shelter well food and condiments.

Mandy's candy study all possible ways for you facilitating life and render your greed more than pleasant.

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