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Candy Years 80

How old were you in the 1980? You want to find out the taste of your 4 h sweet? You want to savour again the old candy who accompanied your sweet childhood?

You must find your happiness in our shop! Mandy's candy like crossing the epochs to discover or rediscover the past flavours.

The 1980s were marked by stingy sucettes, powder saucers, Tubble gum chewing gum or Frizzy Pazzy among others.

The '80s, the melody of your taste buds

Share the confectionery who have marked your baby taste buds, you will melt with pleasure.

You will find some original matching for greedy or some bags of your favorite candy.

Make it full of sweet memories in our gourmet cave. To be enjoyed alone or to be shared with family, there are for everyone. You'll be happy to find these incredible treats who made you a behaved child.

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Kool Aid Ananas

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