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Mandy's candy offer you unique choice of confectionery and sweet/salted pleasures. Our catalogue is like Ali Baba cave except that the treasures are sweets. Small jewelry world of greed.

Browse our different entries by your preferences. For the curious, you can do the full tour, however, you might crack much more than expected. It's so tempting and addictive, how can we not be tempted?

Indeed, you will find some candy for the whole family and all ages: of snacks for your tasters aperitif cakes and chips. You also have fun treats and foraines candy for every day sugar, etc.

Our Catalogue is filled with gourmet

For gourmets, our choice of sweets is a paradise. We're looking for them best treats worldwide. Those we don't find in France, but they deserve to be tasted.

Especially, we want you to enjoy best prices and all of it limiting waste. That's why we propose destocking and anti-gaspi. We have to heart, that all small and large gourmets can enjoy sweet and savoury happiness.

Besides, if you organize an event like theanniversary of one of your children, we have everything you need. The same goes for one wedding, Christmas, Halloween, or Eastersure.

Don't wait, fbe pleased and please your loved ones.

Mandy's candy propose a wide choice of confectionery at a small price. Let yourself be guided by your tastes and desires, you will find candy to your mouth sure.

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Golf ball violet

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