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Salty Aperitif & Sweet

Des living moments talk and good mood. the sweet and salty aperitives that we propose will allow you to add a dose of greedy to your apes.

The appetizers of Mandy's Bonbons are divided into four entries: chips, cheetos, pringles and the famous aperitif cakes. Everything you need to pass amazingly delicious moments.

Different treats come from here and elsewhere to make discoveries around a good drink. You can choose different flavors so that all your guests have taste buds in boiling.

Savory and sweet aperitives, convivial moments to share

Enjoy precious moments with the sweet and salty aperitives. To be enjoyed or eaten, aperitives will make your lunches or evenings particularly delicious.

Pleasure and delight your guests, by choosing from our broad choice. You must find your happiness and make your guests happy.

Sweet and salty aperitives are the solution for a moment shared in good company. Taste cheese, barbecue or pizza, as well as sweet flavors, everything is offered to you, for your greatest pleasure.

Mandy's candy offer you to pass the best sweet and savoury aperitives. Make your selection without further delay.


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