Chupa Chups Sparkling Raisin


Boisson Gazeuse Parfum Raisin Chupa Chups ! Delicious gaseous drink has tasted well fresh to appreciate all its flavour!

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Chupa Chups Sparkling Raisins

If your childhood has been rocked by grape confectionery. You're going to be spitting drink Chupa Chups Sparkling Raisins. Already over 70 years of rule for the brand, and it's far from over.

You love too much sugar at taste of grapes when were you younger or younger? So, tell yourself you're really gonna love this sparkling refreshment Chupa Chups. One unique recipe, well kept secret, so that the drink remains unique and authentic.

This drink that makes bubbles reminds them irresistible flavours of round candy to suck. Chupa Chups take your breaks with this soda who has nothing of gas drink ordinary. It's a real delight for taste buds.

Chupa Chups Sparkling Raisins, authentic soda

One 250 ml colorful canette which is guaranteed sugar. Chupa Chups is a very strong brand to reinvent itself and propose new sensations to small and large gourmets.

When you're going to taste your sparkling drink, you'll go back to your childhood. When you tear your hair grape sugars in the playground. You can now discover these delicious flavours your friends or your little tribe. A moment to share that will please everyone.

You can now find this drink at once and unique. To enjoy with family, or during a break at work, or between two courses.

the Mandy candy make your taste buds sniff by offering you the drinkChupa Chups Sparkling Raisins. Put sun in your refreshments.

Boisson Chupa Raisin - 1

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Boisson Chupa Raisin - 1
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Nutrition facts / 100 g
Energy 204 Kj / 49 Kcal
Fat 0 g
   Saturates 0 g
Carbohydrate 12.17 g
   Sugars 11.88 g
0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0.07 g

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